Ariela’s Welcome

Hi, I’m Ariela.
Welcome to Ariela’s Place in Jerusalem, one of the most amazing cities in the world!
My vacation apartments are located in two places in Jerusalem. They are all within walking distance to the Old City, with its panoramic views of Gennam Valley, and are centrally located so you can easily explore Jerusalem's main attractions.

Jerusalem is a very modern city, yet it’s been here for more than 3,000 years! Jerusalem has something for everyone! All my apartments are centrally located, and you can easily walk to the Old City, Yemin Moshe, Mamilla Mall, beautiful Emek Rephaim, the archeological digs at Ir David, and the German Colony. Nearby First Station offers spring, summer and autumn concerts, cultural events, cafes and restaurants. You'll enjoy visiting many other famous destinations too.
Your comfort is my first priority. My holiday apartments are tastefully renovated, immaculately clean, with comfortable beds, kitchens, WiFi, air conditioning, and many personal touches to help you feel at home.

Would you like to know a little bit about me? I was born here in Jerusalem – becoming the third generation to live in the city. My grandfather was born at the end of the 19 century in Mea Shearim – a very old neighborhood, actually the fifth neighborhood that was built outside the walls of the Old City.
I have three children and enjoy very much my three grandchildren,
so now our family has its 5 generation living in Jerusalem. Since I've spent most of my life here, I know very well the many lanes and secret places in the city, and will be glad to share my knowledge with you!

I’ve been welcoming travelers from around the world for 18 years. I invite you to come stay at Ariela's Place and enjoy my professional service, knowledge of Jerusalem, and my wiliness to make an extra effort to give YOU peace of mind by having a friend here in Jerusalem, as you explore and experience this wonderful unique city.