Getting the Key

How can I get the key to the apartment?
I’ll meet you at the apartment, give you your key, and demonstrate the appliances. I'll give you a map; tell you about the local neighborhood and nearby attractions; plus how to walk or take transportation to the Old City. Of course I'll be delighted to answer any of your questions. I do need to know the approximate time of your arrival, or your flight number if you are arriving directly from the airport. Since I don't live in the neighborhood, this information will ensure that I'm able to greet you on time when you arrive.

Check in

What time is check in?
From 3 pm (15:00) and after.
May I arrive few hours before?
Yes, if I know in advance. We can meet and I'll give you the key, along with an explanation about the apartment. You will be able to leave your luggage in the common area. I can not guarantee that your apartment will be ready before 3pm.
How can I check in if I land late at night?
Again, I’ll need to know your flight information. I will either come to meet you personally, or I will arrange a comfortable check in for you.
How can I check in if I land very early in the morning?
We have a few options for you:
1. We can meet any time after 10 am. If the apartment is vacant and ready, you will be able to check in and occupy it immediately. (Some extra charges may apply.)
2. If the apartment is not ready, you may leave your luggage in the common area; get your key; and I’ll explain about the apartment and its location. You will be able to occupy your apartment at 3 pm, possibly before. This option is free of charge.
3. To reserve: Early Morning Check In and Occupancy After 9.00 am: The charge is ½ day extra.
4. To reserve: Early Morning Check In and Occupancy Before 9.00 am: The charge is 1 full day extra.

Check Out

What time is check out?
Any time in the morning until 10 am.
What can I do if I have a late flight, or plans to sightsee in Jerusalem on Check Out Day?
Please let me know your plans in advance, and you may choose any of these three options:
1. You can leave your luggage in the common area. Please let me know in advance and I’ll show you where this is located. This option is free of charge.
2. If you decide to stay in the apartment until 1 pm, you will be charged ½ a day extra. We must arrange this in advance.
3. If you decide to stay in the apartment after 1 pm, you will be charged 1 full day extra. Again, this reservation is made in advance.


How can I pay you?
Very easily with credit card, cash or Paypal.
May I use my credit card at local supermarkets and restaurants?
How can I pay taxis?
Most of them take only cash.
How can I pay on the buses?
You pay the driver directly with cash.

The Ben-Gurion Airport

How far is the Ben Gurion – Tel Aviv Airport from Jerusalem?
It is approximately 45 kilometers = 28 miles.
How can I get from the airport to Jerusalem?
We have great transportation! Take your choice:
1. Taxis operate 24/7. Many taxis are waiting right outside the arrival hall of the airport terminal. Or I will be happy to arrange a reliable taxi driver to meet you and bring you to Jerusalem. This option costs 280 Shekels.
2. Shuttle “Sherut – Nesher” is available 24/7. The costs is 64 shekels and paid directly to the driver. He will take you to your exact destination in Jerusalem. You will find shuttles parked in front of the terminal as you exit the arrival hall. Shuttles carry 10 passengers. Since they drop everyone off at his/her destination, it takes longer than going by taxi.
3. Bus # 485 – leaves from the airport around every hour. The cost is 16 shekels one way, and it drops you off at the entrance of Jerusalem. From here it is easy to catch a taxi or a bus to your destination. Bus # 485 operates Sunday through Thursday, night and day. On Friday, you can catch Bus # 485 up until 2 hours before sunset. It does not operate on Saturday.
4. Rental car – You'll find many companies in the airport.
5. Train – This is not a good option right now for travelers coming from the airport. There are plans for a direct train from the airport in the future.


If I rent a car where can I park it?
There are free parking options at both locations: At Hebron Rd, there is free parking on the street all day and night, right behind the building, a 1 minute walk from your apartment. At Mendele, there is free parking day and night on streets located a short 5 minute walk from your apartment.

Reaching the Old City

Can I drive to the Old City?
No, there are much better options.
Can I walk to the Old City?
Yes. It is a short 15 to 20 minute walk from both locations.
Is there transportation to the Old City?
Yes. Taking a taxi is one option. There is a free shuttle located right across the street from the Hebron Rd apartments. From the Mendele apartments Bus #38a gets you there quickly.


Is there a supermarket nearby?
Yes, there are large supermarkets located close to all apartments. From Hebron Rd, it's a 1 minute walk. From Mendele, it's about a 3 or 4 minute walk.
What time does the larger supermarket open?
On Hebron Rd, it's open 24/7 (including Saturday). On Mendele - 24/6 from 6 am to 11 pm. On Friday, it closes 2 hours before sunset, and it is closed on Saturday.
How can I get Israeli money, Shekels?
You'll find many ATM's all around the city.
Where can I exchange money?
Only in banks or the offices of Money Changers. There are several located near Jaffa Gate.


May I safely drink from the sink?
Yes, we have very good water.

Tourist Information

Where can I find tourist information?
Near Jaffa Gate in the Old City. Plus I will give you a map showing local attractions. My website has information too.
When is the Tourist Information Center near Jaffa Gate open?
Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. On Fridays: 8:30 am to 12:00 noon. On Saturday it is closed.

Traveling to Beth Lehem and other cities in the West Bank

Can I drive to Beth Lehem?
It is forbidden to drive with your rental car.
How can I reach Beth Lehem?
You have a few choices:
1. A taxi will take you, wait for you, and bring you back. I will be happy to arrange a reliable taxi driver for you.
2. Take a Tour – There are many companies offering tours.
3. Palestinian Bus #231. You catch this bus from the Palestinian central bus depot near Damascus Gate, or right across the street from the apartments on Hebron Road (Jasmine, Primrose, Sunflower). Catching this bus is a 10 minute walk from the Mendele apartments (Vine, Olive, Pine).
Should I take my passport?
Yes. When passing the border security check points, you must have your passport with you.


Until when are cafes and restaurants open?
Many of them are open until after midnight.

Arriving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

How can I reach Ariela's Place from Tel Aviv?
There are two good options:
1. There is very good bus service from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. From the Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv, take Bus # 405. From the center of Tel Aviv at Arlozerov (Savidor Station), take Bus # 480. Both arrive at the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. From here you can either take a taxi, or catch a Jerusalem city bus. The buses doesn’t work in Shabbat.
2. I will be happy to arrange a reliable taxi driver to pick you up at the airport.
3. A train: Although it is a scenic ride, the trip is very long. We hope to have the new express train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem running soon.
4. A shuttle that you can catch at the central bus station in Tel Aviv. This service is working 24/7.

Saturday = Shabbat , in Jerusalem

When does Shabbat start in Jerusalem?
Shabbat starts on Friday evening 40 minutes before sunset, and finishes on Saturday evening after sunset.